Cadens Colon is a complete virtual colonoscopy solution dedicated to supporting non-invasive colorectal cancer diagnosis. It was designed to enhance clinicians' diagnostic confidence and decrease review time thanks to a CT Colonography dedicated user interface combined with functions that facilitate the detection, evaluation and reporting of colorectal lesions. Its electronic cleansing compatible with patient-friendly colon preparations also contributes to reducing patients' discomfort and increasing colorectal cancer screening compliance.


  • Reduce 3D navigation time by up to 50% with Cadens Funnel View.
  • Quickly check for potentially missed lesions with Cadens CAD Colon*.
  • Get fast and concurrent access to Cadens Colon anytime you need it from PACS workstation or laptop.


  • See behind folds and increase lesion display time with Cadens Funnel View.
  • Increase sensitivity with a lesion-based Computer Aided Detection (CAD)*.
  • Uncover lesions located under tagging with Cadens Tagging-Quality Tolerant Electronic Cleansing.


  • Choose the thin or thick client architecture that best suits your needs.
  • Access Cadens Colon directly from your PACS workstation.
  • Use the application concurrently with other users from separate workstations.

*Not for sale in the USA